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In the core of Dubai, the giant wheel Ain Dubai became a hot topic since its debut in October 2021.Offering a stunning view of the city from a sky-high vantage point, it is more than just a ride. It was designed to be a place to celebrate special occasions, to party, to have fun.However, in March 2022 the wheel closed without any warning, allegedly for 'improvement works,' causing quite the stir among the locals, visitors, and the entertainment industry alike.Curiosity ignited, we, at Mindwerx, decided to dive into this mystery head-first.The project was not merely about getting to the technical root of the pause, it was a voyage into different timelines searching for clues that could breathe life back into Ain Dubai.This journey began by tracing the wheel's story from its design, its joyful launch, to its unexpected silence. The aim stretched beyond just kickstarting the rotations. When Ain Dubai spins again, the goal is to ensure it offers an enhanced experience to all. Each piece of information and every timeline explored brought us closer to potential solutions.Sharing these discoveries is exciting for us! This allows us to share what we do and the results we offer.The reports in the following pages were sent by our perceptioneers. Each perceptioneer has their own style of reporting. No perceptioneer sketches in this project.


EXPLORING THE SITUATIONAfter I prepared for the query, I decided to arrive at the entrance of the main building, close to where the box office is located, on what appears to be “ground” level. Once I was there, the humidity and heat of the place were very strong, and the smell of metal rusting was very prevalent.I took some time to explore and familiarize myself with the area. Nightlife here is vibrant. Around the wheel and its building, there are many restaurants and bars.I went inside the wheel building, then went all the way up to the top of the wheel to get a bird's-eye view of the complex and to judge for myself if the view is impressive. It is.I explored some more, and once I became familiar with the place, I took a closer look at the interior of the building. What I saw confirmed to me that the operators have no intention of reopening any time soon.THE EXPLORATIONAll restaurants, shops, kiosks, etc., inside the massive building that houses Ain Dubai Wheel are closed and are not undergoing any type of remodeling or construction. All the kitchen equipment from at least one restaurant and one bar has been removed.Diving deeper into the current situation in Ain Dubai, it became clear to me that the closure wasn't about enhancing the experience but more about the core operations of the wheel itself.There were rumors among employees, weeks before the closure, about safety concerns for guests, employees, and the surrounding buildings—some of which are part of the same complex.To get more information and understand the situation better, I decided to review the history of the wheel from conceptualization to opening night and then to March 14, 2022, to witness how the closure happened.From what I could gather, the opening date was forced. There were discussions on whether it was a good idea.Some engineers and designers involved in the project talked about issues with one of the companies involved in the design and construction of the attraction.I saw a European gentleman talking about delaying the opening for a few months to run some tests and make changes, if necessary.A small miscalculation in the structural design has caused a serious sinking issue. Some of the underwater columns that keep the giant structure and its surrounding land in place are now struggling against the relentless pull of the ocean and the excess weight of the project.This minor oversight caused a ripple effect.It appears to be related to materials used or something similar.The total weight of the building is off, causing one corner (the South-East) to sink slightly. This tiny shift threw things out of balance. It nudged the wheel's center and its center of gravity out of alignment, stopping the spins of Ain Dubai.With the wheel's smooth spin disrupted, the very backbone of the structure started feeling the strain.As I explored different elements of the wheel, I realized there appeared to be another problem, a consequence of the misalignment. The powerful motors, 25 of the 64 tasked with spinning the wheel, began to heat up under the strain of this misalignment. They were heating up so much that they were considered a fire hazard. That was also one of the deciding factors in the closure.OUTLOOKNow, fixing this grand wheel is not going to be simple. It might not spin again. We're looking at a solid eight-month stretch of repairs after a meticulous four to five-month planning phase.The cost of “fixing” the wheel appears to be more than the original investment, which would make no business sense.Assuming they decide to go ahead and try to fix it, it would include strengthening the damaged underwater columns, re-aligning the wheel, and swapping out some of the outer cover of the complex, which houses not just the wheel but a lively hub of shops and eateries.They're thinking about bringing in a new metal alloy to replace some parts of the wheel and the building to cut down on a good 9% of the weight. It might not sound like much, but considering the thousands of tons it weighs, 9% makes a huge difference.THE FUTUREAnd when will the Ain Dubai spin again, you ask?The aim is to have it twirling no later than New Year’s 2025. Shall we mark our calendars and wait for the day we can take to the skies on this majestic wheel once more?Not so fast.I decided to go to the year 2031, and the wheel is still there, but it is not spinning.What I saw was the Ferris wheel, permanently static, and a futuristic building at the center of it. The building houses a set of elevators that take guests to the top of the Ferris wheel to an observation deck and also underwater to restaurants, nightclubs, and shopping.The wheel is being used as a giant video screen, although it uses a technology for visuals/video based on “air” that I could not understand. I have not seen anything like it before. Something to do with air and sound waves; it looks impressive. I will explore it independently and share the results soon.My conclusion, based on my experience at the scene, is that the wheel, as much as everyone wants it to spin again, has reached the point of no return.It seems that it is not about the cost to fix it per se but about how things have been changing in the world and what people consider entertaining. A giant Ferris wheel is no longer as interesting as it was a few years ago.I believe the place has the potential to include other attractions like the underwater shopping and dining experience of 2031.-end-


ANALYSIS AND FINDINGSThe first inquiry revealed that Ain Dubai's legs lacked substantial strength. The choice of material and a design not aligned with the wheel's scale were at the core of the dilemma. "Polycarbonate steel" was mentioned as a potential solution.The investigation spotlighted a series of mechanical issues. Vibrations from the wheel's motor disrupted the harmony of the gears, leading to heat buildup, straining the metal bearings, and worsening misalignment and vibration problems.The proposed solution involved structural reinforcement and material innovation. The team planned to fortify the existing legs with a metal known for superior vibration absorption, akin to adding an extra string to a guitar for a richer sound.The next step involved encasing the base of the existing legs with this metal to tame ground-level vibrations. To address heat within the metal gear parts, the rotating parts would be replaced with improved metal, possibly polycarbonate steel.These measures were implemented behind a protective screen to maintain public confidence and manage uncertainty.2026 UPDATEBy 2026, Ain Dubai had evolved with the addition of a third wheel, constructed with improved vibration-absorbing metal and new gear parts. The base of the wheel's legs was reinforced with vibration-absorbing steel, inspired by past learnings.Despite these upgrades, operational challenges resurfaced.The issues of structural design and material choices indicated a need for a more comprehensive approach in design and material selection.

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